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Nice equipment and great service!

We had the pleasure of finding Riverview Outfitters on Facebook and booked a day of kayaking yesterday! It was a wonderful day!! Nice equipment and great service!

Can't wait to go again!

Had a wonderful treat kayaking on my birthday, I think this is great for the area,for locals and tourists. Very impressed with quality of the kayaks, old town, really comfy. As it was my birthday even got free ice creams for after the trip. Can't wait to go again.

Excellent service and prices.

We had a great day on the river! Highly recommend this. Excellent service and prices.

Great experience, will be returning as often as possible.

So thankful to have this opportunity to get out and enjoy our river. Great experience, will be returning as often as possible.

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Alcohol Policy: Save the Bottle Fun for After the Run!

We are a Family Owned and Operated Business whose key focus is to offer both young and old a daily adventure they will always remember and enjoy. All and any alcohol products are prohibited on “Riverview Outfitters” river adventures. Coolers and Bags will be checked prior to departure. If alcohol products are found you can pick them up once you are off the river at the end of your river trip.

However, we do want to see you stay hydrated so be sure to bring along a water bottle or non-alcohol beverage to stay cool! Also, if after your day on the river you are looking for a place to grab a bite to eat or drink, please check out our link listing all the local amenities are community has to offer.

River Rules

  • Absolutely NO glass bottles allowed on the river. This includes beverages, food and mason jars. You may take a cooler containing beverages (plastic bottles and cans) and a lunch.

  • Do not litter on the river! We want to preserve and protect the ecosystem for future generations to come. Garage will be collected at the end of your run.

  • Small children and non-swimmers are required to wear a life-jacket.

  • Please, do not take anything of importance with you on the water! ex: keys, large amounts of cash, jewelery, non waterproof/water resistant electronics, etc.... We are not liable for lost items

  • Respect our river. Pack out what you pack in.

  • Every person on the river, regardless of age or strength, must carry and/or wear a Personal Flotation Device. It is the law and is provided to you!

  • Open alcohol and intoxication while on the river is subject to the same laws as a public space on dry land. Police patrol the river and launch sites regularly

River Recomendations

  • Prepare adequately for longer floats. Longer floats can be very tiring and chilling. Plan ahead so that you do not find yourself cold, exhausted, and frustrated. Bring sufficient water to keep yourself hydrated. We would advise you to apply bug spray

  • Respect other users of the river and those who live along the river. Common courtesy allows everybody to enjoy the river.

  • Ziploc bag for phones, cameras, etc.

  • Sun block & Bug spray

River FAQ's

  • Why am I not allowed to take glass bottles? The reasoning is simple behind this rule: glass breaks. It is unsafe for you and other tubers who want to enjoy the river without injury.

  • What payment methods do you accept? We accept Cash, Debit, MasterCard & Visa.

  • May we tie our tubes together? You may, but it is recommend for children and non-swimmers only to be tethered to a capable swimmer. We strongly suggest that large groups of people do not attach tubes, due to various safety concerns.

  • Is the $30 shuttle fee per person, per kayak or per shuttle trip? Our shuttle service is $30.00 per person to a maxium 2 persons per vessel. We request that advance bookings be made for additional shuttle services so we can ensure we have space available.

  • Where is the docking site in Hartland located?The docking site in Hartland is right under the famous covered bridge. There is a great spot to pull your kayak into and there is vehicle access. It is located beside the Hartland Tourist Office

  • If we were to do the trip, is it entirely self guided? Yes, the trip is self guided however, if booked in advanced a guided tour can be provided.

  • Does the shuttle from Hartland to Florenceville run on a schedule?Our shuttle starts at 10am. We ask that you book ahead to ensure we are able to accommodate your group. We will pick you and all your gear up and bring it to whatever drop off point you would like to start from depending on how long of a trip you would like.

  • Would we also need to make a reservation if we have our own kayaks? Yes, reservations are preferred to ensure we have space availability.
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